Algunas Ventajas de Hablar Inglés – Some Advantages of Speaking English

Algunas Ventajas de Hablar Inglés

Ayer hablé con una amiga y compañera  del trabajo y me dijo que aún tenía dificultad con el tiempo pasado en inglés. “¿Me puedes ayudar con esto?”, me preguntó.  “Por supuesto” le dije. Pensé que afortunada era que aprendió inglés y que ventaja que lo habla también.

www.timeanddate.comMe hizo pensar más en algunas de las ventajas de hablar inglés y de English with Liz.

1. El inglés es un idioma universal – En un artículo publicado por el diario estadounidense The New York Times declara el inglés como un lenguaje global.  David Crystal, autor de English as a Global Language, dice “Esta es la primera vez que tenemos un idioma hablado mundialmente por cada país en el mundo.” He ido a Europa dos veces y aparte de hablar español y un poco de italiano, estaba agradecida que había una gran cantidad de europeos que hablaban inglés. 

2.  Oportunidades de trabajo – Cuando enseñé inglés, la meta de la mayoría de mis alumnos era de aprenderlo  para conseguir un trabajo bien pagado. Si aprenden inglés tendrán una mejor oportunidad de conseguir un empleo mejor pagado o con un puesto más elevado.

3.  Beneficios Cognitivos – Un estudio publicado en Cerebrum – The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual, o Los beneficios cognitivos de ser bilingües habla de los beneficios de saber dos o más idiomas, habla de “niños bilingües de tan sólo 7 meses de edad se adaptan mejos a los cambios ambientales, mientras las personas mayores bilingües pueden tener menos deterioro cognitivo.”

Hay muchas más ventajas de hablar inglés que las que mencioné aquí. ¿Qué otras ventajas pueden haber como resultado de hablar inglés o un segundo idioma?

Some Advantages of Speaking English

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend and coworker of mine, and she told me that she still had difficulty with the past tense in English. She then asked me if I could help learn it. “Of course”, I said. I thought how fortunate she is for having learned English and what an advantage it is to speak English.

www.timeanddate.comAs I think more about English with Liz, it got me thinking about some of the advantages of speaking English.

1. English as a Global Language.  There is a New York Times article from 2007 titled Across cultures, English is the word  that declares English as a global language. David Crystal, author of “English as a Global Language” states, “This is the first time we actually have a language spoken genuinely globally by every country in the world,” he said. I have been to Europe twice, and aside from Spanish and some Italian, I was grateful I was that many Europeans spoke English as I was able to communicate with them. 

2. Job  Opportunities When I taught ESL classes, many of my students’ goal for learning English to get a better paying job. If you learn English, you’d have a better opportunity to  think of my co-worker and how fortunate she is to have learned English for many reasons and one of them being that she has a job that pays her well because she speaks English.

3. Cognitive Benefits – A study published in Cerebrum – The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual spoke of benefits of knowing two or more languages.  For example, “bilingual children as young as seven months can better adjust to environmental changes, while bilingual seniors can experience less cognitive decline.”

There are many more advantages than the ones that I have listed here. What other advantages do you know of as a result of speaking English or another language?

Keepin’ It Real

In one week, I came upon these two different quotes:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”~ Oscar Wilde

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

And then came a post, Yourself, by John Saddington on this topic.

As if this wasn’t enough, I was watching my favorite comedian, Dave Chappelle, on Inside The Actor’s Studio His brutal honesty inspired me as he talked about walking away from a 50 million dollar contract for another season of the Dave Chappelle Show because he wasn’t being his true self anymore.

The Universe was telling ME something and I HEARD it and LOUD and CLEAR!!

For a week I thought and thought about this. Have I been my true self lately? When I write, am I my true self? If I’d sit with you or anyone, then I’d have to say yes. But when I blog, I wasn’t being true to myself.

Come to find out, I wasn’t “keepin’ it real” in my blog and this is why-

1. FEAR.

Why did this not surprise me? The world of blogging is still fairly new to me as I began just 4 months ago. I certainly have feared what readers would say about it all – my writing, my dream- to the degree that I took no action for a very long time.


In an ideal world, everyone would love your writing.

But this is not always the case. As writers and bloggers, we open ourselves up to the criticism and praise, and this makes us vulnerable. However, I keep in mind and return to my initial intentions of helping others through my writing and pursuing my dream of becoming a published author and speaker.

2. Show and Presentation

Again, as a new blogger, I focused a little too much on the actual presentation of the blog. By doing this, my writing suffered as I was no longer writing from my heart. In his post, Yourself, John Saddington says, “To live freely and to give freely of oneself through such a medium as one’s blog is deeply personal – I believe we do ourselves and our audience a disservice by holding back because it, ergo, becomes no longer personal – it becomes simply presentation, and on a bad day just bullshit peacocking.” From True, right? Will this blog’s content change? No. The only thing that will change is that I’ll be writing from my heart.

Why “Keepin’ It Real?”

When I initially came up with this title, I literally laughed out loud. The truth is that it has to do with my background and where I am from. I am Mexican-American and I grew up in Lynwood, California. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this city or it’s location, it’s in Southern California, and its neighbouring city is Compton – a city I lived in for the first six years of my life. You may call this the ghetto, but I called it home and I love it! We kept it real there.

For the most part, I think I am a simple girl.

My students would disagree. They joke with me and they’ll say that Ms. C (as they affectionately call me) is “gangsta” and “a thug.” I laugh of course because I’m so far from this. Being from where I am is a part of me though. I am who I am. Do I go around snapping my fingers in a Z formation? No, but I’ll do it on occasions. And yes, I’m down with rap and hip hop. I jokingly tell others that it would be a sin for me to not like this music given where I am from. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And now, for an exciting announcement…

Never have I been more enthusiastic or have had more energy to create than at this time. Being that I am bilingual (Spanish and English) and that this is a big part of culture and who I am, I have decided to keep it even more real by doing my blog posts in Spanish and English- a bilingual blog. More work? Yes. But I can only see the advantages from where I stand.

Thank you for reading my posts.

How are you keepin’ it real? Are you writing from your heart?