A Writing Deadline to Meet – Un plazo de escritura para satisfacer

A Writing Deadline to Meet

After much thought about my writing and memoir, I have decided to give myself  6 months to finish writing my book. I’m looking at a publishing date of January or February 2015. 

"Una meta es un sueño con fecha de entrega." ~Napoleon Hill Credit: www.pinterest.com
“Una meta es un sueño con fecha de entrega.” ~Napoleon Hill
Credit: http://www.pinterest.com

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, but I’ve never taking any classes. On Tuesday, I met up with my new writing teacher, Nora Profit. I signed up to take private classes with her, and it all begins next Thursday!  So, in the next few months, I’ll be writing more, and sharing more of my memoir writing, too. My first session is next Thursday already, and I already have homework. My homework is to answer the following question: What’s the point you will prove with writing this book?  I think once I have this statement, I’ll be more focused with my memoir.

If you’d like to read an overview of my memoir, you can click here.

Thank you so much for reading!


Un plazo de escritura para satisfacer

Después de pensar en mi escritura y memoria, he decidido darme 6 meses para terminar mi libro.  Me gustaría publicarlo en enero o febrero 2015.  

"Una meta es un sueño con fecha de entrega." ~Napoleon Hill Credit: www.pinterest.com
“Una meta es un sueño con fecha de entrega.” ~Napoleon Hill
Credit: http://www.pinterest.com

He escrito desde que era pequeña, pero nunca he tomado clases de escritura. Este martes me reuní con mi nueva maestra de escriture: Nora Profit. !Me inscribí para tomar clases particulares  de escritura con ella y empezaré el próximo jueves! Estoy muy contenta de los cambios que  Así que en los próximos meses compartiré más con ustedes de mi memoria. Mi primera clase será el próximo jueves y ya tengo tarea. Mi tarea es de contestar esta pregunta – ¿Qué es lo que vas a probar al escribir este libro? Pienso que una vez que tenga una respuesta, voy a estar más centrado en mi memoria.  Si les gustaría leer un poco de mi memoria, hagan clic aquí. ¡Gracias por leer! Liz

Teacher by Default – Profesora por Defecto

Teacher by Default

When I was growing up, I dreamt and I dreamt big. As far as I can remember, I’ve
always loved to travel, and as a child, when grown ups would ask me, what do you want to be when you grow up? My response was always a pilot. This profession meant that I would fly really cool planes, and I’d travel!

As an adult, I didn’t become a pilot. I became a teacher- that is, by

Why teacher by default? Webster’s Dictionary defines default as “a selection made usually automatically or without active consideration due to lack of a viable alternative.”  Somewhere between middle school and high school I stopped dreaming. College came around, and now my focus was on a career where I could make money and support myself.
Naturally, I did what a lot of people do.

I went to Long Beach State (in Southern California). At the time, I was studying Spanish and Italian, and I thought teaching would be a viable profession for me. Not to mention, I had the pressure of choosing a major, and I decided to continue studying Spanish. So, I chose Spanish as my major and becoming a high school Spanish teacher seemed like my ideal job. While my plan was to get my master’s degree in Spanish and teach high school, life had others plans for me as I became an elementary school teacher at the age of 23.

Nine years later…

Ms. Cárdenas in 1998 :)
Ms. Cárdenas in 1998 🙂

It is now 2007, and I’m in the middle of a divorce. Exhausted and burnt-out, I took time for myself from teaching. I’d thought it’d be only a year, and it turned to be about five years. During this break, I traveled; I
went to school in Spain; I’d go back to school for a master’s degree in linguistics; I substituted; and, I began to write my memoir. In other words, I nurtured my soul.

After five years, I once again had my own class. 

My students were now adults, and I taught English as a Second Language (ESL). It was a wonderful opportunity, and I loved it.

And after a few months with my adult students, I started teaching high school.

Teaching was the profession that I chose, and I have done it with all the love in the world. As a teacher, my intentions were to help others and to inspire them. This past May, I received the most endearing letters from two students, and this was all I ever wanted as a teacher. I am grateful for the opportunity, and the experiences that I’ve had in this profession.

I feel the time has come to take a different direction in my life.

My childhood dream was to be a pilot. Now, my dreams are taking that child-like quality again, and I couldn’t be more appreciative. What will manifest from these dreams of mine? I know for sure that it will involve helping others through speaking and writing. As always, thank you for reading.

What are your dreams? Are you following them? Do you have a profession by

Profesora por Defecto

Cuando era pequeña, soñaba y soñaba en grande. Siempre me ha encantado viajar y me acuerdo que cuando era niña me preguntaban, “¿qué quieres ser cuando seas grande? Siempre les contestaba que quería ser piloto. ¡Esto significaba que iba a volar aviones
padrísimos y viajaría, también!

No me convertí en un piloto. Estudié para ser maestra- por defecto.

¿Por qué profesora por defecto? Wikilengua define por defecto como “Dicho de seleccionar una opción: Automáticamente si no se elige otra.” No sé el momento preciso cuando paré de soñar, pero sucedio cuando estaba en la escuela secundaria o preparatoria.
Obviamente, hice lo que hace mucha gente.

Fui a la universidad y me enfoqué en escoger una carrera para ganar dinero y mantenerme. Estudié en California State University, Long Beach (Universidad Estatal de California, Long Beach) en el sur de California. En aquel tiempo, estudiaba español
e italiano y creía que el ser profesora sería una profesión viable para mi. Además,
tenía la presión de elegir que estudiar y decidí por seguir estudiando español. Pensé que mi trabajo ideal sería ser maestra de español. Mi plan era de dar clases en español en una preparatoria,pero el destino tenía otros planes para mi y me convertí en maestra
de escuela primaria a los 23 años.

Pasan nueve años.

La Profesora Cárdenas en 1998 :)
La Profesora Cárdenas en 1998 🙂

Ahora es 2007 y estoy por divorciarme. Cansada agotada de mi trabajo, decidí parar de trabajar por un tiempo y tomar un descanso.  Pensé que solamente iba a ser por un año, pero fueron 5 años. Durante este tiempo, viajé, estudié en España, hice mi maestría en lingüística, trabajé como profesor sustituto y empecé a escribir mi memoria. En otras palabras, alimenté mi alma.
Después de cinco años tuve mi propia clase de

Ahora mis alumnos no eran niños sino adultos. Di clases de Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL) y me

Solamente trabajé con adultos unos meses y luego empecé a dar clases en una preparatoria. 
Elegí la enseñanza como mi profesión y lo he hecho con todo el cariño del mundo. Como profesora, mis intenciones fueron de inspirar y ayudar a mis alumnos. En mayo, recibí dos cartas hermosas de ellos. Como profesora,  es todo lo que he querido. Estoy agradecida por la oportunidad y la experiencia que he tenido en esta profesión.

Siento que ya he llegado el momento de tomar otra dirección en mi

Mi sueño de niña era de ser pilota. Ahora, sueño de nuevo como niña y lo aprecio todo. ¿Qué se manifestará de mis sueños? Sé con certeza que va a involucrar a ayudar a los demás mediante el habla y la escritura.

Como siempre, gracias por leer.
¿Cuáles son tus sueños? ¿Los estás siguiendo? ¿Tienes
una profesión por defecto?




Embracing Change and Death – Aceptar El Cambio y La Muerte


Embracing Change and Death

How do you want to die? This is one of the first things I read when I awoke this morning. It is the title of Seth Godin’s blog post: How do you want to die? It caught my attention, of course.  In his post he discusses the inevitability of our own death, the advances in medical technology to prolong our lives, and making preparations in the event that you are in serious condition. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/06/how-do-you-want-to-die.html

I have contemplated this many times. I have a lot of thoughts on death. As a natural part of life, I feel that it is necessary for us to talk about it.

It’s something that happens to all of us.

My dad has always said, “No hay día que no se llegue, ni fecha que no se cumpla,” which can be translated as, “There isn’t a day that does not arrive, nor is there a date that isn’t met.” In terms of dying, this can be a gentle reminder that each day is a gift.

Having said this, I feel that death, like any change, should be something to embrace. You’re probably saying, “What a minute? Back up. Did she just say embrace death?”  Perhaps embracing death is a little extreme view for you. The more you fear it though, or anything for that matter,  the more difficult it’ll be to truly accept it. And as I have learned with many things in my life, not embracing change is going against the natural flow of the Universe. It’s like paddling against a fast moving current.  Your life is akin to a current. A natural course would be to flow with the current. Right? Each and every time there is change in my life, I surrender. Because I know that a likely  result is suffering. Paddle against the current of your life and you are guaranteed suffering.


Again, why embrace death?

Why not? In a society where death is taboo, it almost seems as though it is everyone’s greatest fear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What it all comes down, is understanding what death means. What does it mean to you? For me, it is a highly spiritual act. I have shared this with you before  in my Chapter By Chapter Synopsis of my memoir. In the last chapter,  Coming Into My Own,  I discuss the meaning of  life and death as I see it. Here is an excerpt from my memoir:

Why am I here? My answer lied in looking within myself. Because each of us has the divine spark, we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We are, therefore, immortal and perfect as we are.

Yes, I believe that because we each have the divine spark, therefore we are immortal. This  is why  I don’t fear death. My physical body is merely a vessel that has been lent to me to house my soul. In the end, besides learning to be the joyful beings that we came forth to be, I believe that we are here to develop our spiritual selves in this lifetime by learning spiritual lessons like kindness, compassion, patience, etc.

Like Seth Godin, I felt a great need to share this everyone. I too agree that we should talk about death with our families and we musn’t be egotistical by letting them decide what to do with us in the event that we find ourselves unable to make a decision for ourselves.

What are your views on death? Have you embraced it?

Aceptar El Cambio y La Muerte

¿Cómo te quieres morir? Esta fue unas de la primeras cosas que leí cuando me desperté.  Es el título de la entrada del blog de Seth Godin: How do you want to die?, o ¿Cómo te quieres morir? Por supuesto, me llamo la atención. En su entrada habla sobre la inevitabilidad de nuestra propia muerte, los avances en la tecnología médica  para prolongar nuestras vidas y las preparaciones que se necesitan hacer en caso de que uno esté en una condición crítica. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/06/how-do-you-want-to-die.html

He contemplado esto muchas veces.  Tengo muchos pensamientos sobre lo que es morir. Es una parte natural de nuestras vidas y pienso que es necesario de hablar de esto.

Es algo que nos pasa a todos.

Mi papá siempre ha dicho, “No hay día que no se llegue, ni fecha que no se cumpla.” Un recordatorio que cada día es un regalo.

Con esto, pienso que la muerte, como cualquier cambio, es algo que tenemos que abrazar. Puede ser que estas diciendo, “Espera un minuto. ¿Acaba de decir que abraza la muerte?” Quizás esto es un poco extremo para ti.  Entre más temes algo, cualquier cosa, será más  difícil de aceptarlo. He aprendido que en la vida,  no aceptar y abrazar el cambio es llendo contra el curso natural del Universo. Es como si estuvieras contra una corriente muy fuerte. La vida se asemeja a una corriente.  Un curso natural sería de ir con la corriente, ¿no? Cada vez que hay un cambio en la vida, hay que entregarnos a ello. Porque el resultado podría ser sufrir.  Ve contra la corriente y te aseguras una vida de sufrimiento.


 De nuevo, ¿por qué aceptar la muerte?

¿Por qué no? Vivimos en una sociedad donde la muerte es un tabú y puede ser que sea el mayor temor de todos. Pero, no tiene que ser así. Lo que se necesita es entender lo que es la muerte. ¿Qué significa para ti? Para mi es un acto espiritual.  He compartido esto con ustedes en la entrada Chapter By Chapter Synopsis, o Resumen de Cada Capítulo, de mi memoria.  En el último capítulo de mi memoria, hablo sobre esto, lo que significa para mi la vida y la muerte. Este es un extracto del capítulo-

¿Por qué estoy aquí? Mi respuesta estaba en ver dentro de mí misma. Somos seres espirituales en cuerpos físicos ya que cada uno de nosotros tenemos la luz divina. Somos, por lo tanto,  inmortales y perfectos.

Sí, creo que cada uno de nosotros tenemos la luz divina, y por eso somos inmortales. Es así que no le tengo miedo a la muerte. Mi cuerpo físico es simplemente un recipiente  prestado para albergar mi alma. Al final, aparte de aprender de ser seres alegres en esta vida, creo que también estamos aquí para desarrollar nuestro ser espiritual a través de aprender lecciones espirituales como la benevolencia, compasión, paciencia, etc.,

Así como Seth Godin,  creo que hay un necesidad de compartir esto con todos. Estoy de acuerdo también que hay que hablar de la muerte con nuestras familias y no hay que ser egoista al dejar que ellos decidan que hacer con nuestro cuerpo si nosotros no podemos hacer esa decisión por nosotros mismos.

¿Qué piensas sobre la muerte? ¿Es algo que has aceptado?


Celebrities, Keeping Up with the Joneses and Your Own Happiness – Artistas, Ir a La Par con El Vecino y Tu Felicidad

About a week ago, I was surfing the net and I came across an article that talked about Jennifer Lopez rockin’ some hot pink booties. In the picture, she was all smiles as she posed for the camera. She truly looks happy.

Source: www.hollywoodlife.com
Source: http://www.hollywoodlife.com 

It got me thinking again about something I wrote on happiness in my memoir.  I thought, “How many people must think that she is happy because she has those pink booties, or because she perhaps has everything she wants?

How many people  look at celebrities or at others as a gauge for their own happiness?

I’ve never been a fashionista, so the thought of even trying to look like a celebrity hasn’t crossed my mind. However, I will be the first one to tell you that I used to try to keep up with Joneses (my neighbors, acquaintances, friends, relatives) to the point that I wasn’t willing to sell and to let go of my greatest material possession: my home.

I feared that I would never own a home and I’d constantly think, “What will others say about me if I sell it?”

In the excerpt below, I discuss how it is living in Los Angeles- a place known for being materialistic.

“The fact that we live in a materialistic society (and not to mention a consuming one) is by no means anything new. At the time I was writing this book, I lived in Los Angeles: one of the materialistic capitals of the world. There is always someone chatting about the latest brand name purses, their decked out and suped up new car (even if it is a minivan), their new electronic gadgets, their new house, and their latest shopping spree. Take, for example, the smart phone. For many, not having one is a mark of inferiority and how many people want to be known as having less, or being inferior? “What kind of phone do you have?” This is something that I have heard when I am in L.A. The old adage of keeping up with the Joneses is not just a familiar expression, but also one that some people here and elsewhere live by. It could be that you are comparing what you have to your neighbors belongings, or extolling celebrities’ physical appearances and material wealth as a goal and source of inspiration for your next material gain. It’s all the same.”

Material possessions were the antithesis and obstacles to my own happiness. I think they can only make us temporarily happy.

In order to be truly happy, we must look within ourselves.

Are you truly happy? Is there a material possession(s) that you are  planning to give up or have given up in order to be happy?

Artistas, Ir a La Par con El Vecino y Tu Felicidad

Hace una semana, estaba navegando por internet, cuando vi un artículo sobre Jennifer Lopez y llevaba puestos unos botines rosados. En la foto, sonreia mientras posaba para la cámara. Se mira muy contenta.

Source: www.hollywoodlife.com
Source: http://www.hollywoodlife.com

Me puse a pensar otra vez de lo que escribí sobre la felicidad en mi memoria. Pensé, “¿Cuántas personas piensan que ella es feliz porque tiene esos botines rosados, o quizas porque puede comprar cualquier cosa que desea?”

¿Cuántas personas ven a artistas o a otros  como un indicador de su propia felicidad?

Nunca he sido una persona muy interesada en la moda, así que nunca he tratado de verme como un artista. Sin embargo, soy la primera persona en decirle a todo el mundo que trataba de ir a la par con el vecino (vecinos, amigos, conocidos, y familiares) hasta el punto que no estaba dispuesta de dejar ir y vender mi mayor posesión material: mi casa.

Tenía miedo que jamas iba a ser dueña de otra cosa y siempre pensaba, “¿qué van a decir todos de mi si la vendo?”

En el siguiente extracto, hablo sobre como se vive en Los Ángeles – un lugar conocido por ser materialista.

“El hecho de que vivimos en una sociedad materialista (y una sociedad de consumo) no es una novedad. Cuando estaba escribiendo esto, vivía en Los Ángeles: una de la ciudades mas materialistas del mundo. ” Siempre hay alguien hablando de las bolsas de nombre de marca, carros lujosos (aunque sea un minivan),  sus nuevos aparatos eléctricos, sus casas, o la última vez que fueron de compras. Toma, por ejemple, el teléfono inteligente. Para muchos, no tener uno es estar en un estado de inferioridad y ¿cuántas person quieren ser reconocidas como teniendo menos, o ser inferiores?  “¿Qué tipo de celular tienes?” Esto es algo que he oido cuando estoy en L.A.  El viejo adagio de ir a la par con el vecino no solamente es una expresión conocida, si no un estándar de vivir para muchos. Puede ser que estás comparando lo que tú tienes a lo de tu vecino, o elsalzando los famosos por sus aspectos físicos o sus riquezas materiales y viendo esto como una meta y fuente de inspiración para la próxima cosa material. Es lo mismo.”

Lo material fue el antítesis y un obstáculo para encontrar mi felicidad. Creo que los bienes materials  solamente nos dan una felicidad temporal.

Para ser realmente feliz debemos mirar dentro de nosotros mismos.

¿Eres realmente feliz? ¿Has planeado de deshacerte de bienes materiales o ya lo has hecho para ser feliz?

What’s Next? – ¿Qué Sigue?

On this blog, I have shared that I attended the Hay House Writer’s Workshop back in October 2012 in New York. There was a contest for the attendees and it was to get a publishing contract and a $10,000 advance from Hay House.

The winner of the Hay House Writer’s Workshop was announced this past Monday.  The publishing contract went to Andrea Libutti, M.D. Her book is titled Awakened by Autism. Congratulations to her!

Although I did not win, I gained a lot from this experience.

1. I am grateful for the opportunity to have entered this competition.

2. I met some wonderful people.

3. I got to travel a bit by going to New York.

4. I learned about publishing with major publishing companies, self- publishing, writing, and building a platform.

After this, what’s next for me?

Source: www.lifeaftercollege.org
Source: http://www.lifeaftercollege.org

Plan A didn’t go through.  My Plan B is to finish my memoir by the end of this year and to self-publish.

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”
Walt Disney

I always see my projects as completed even before I begin them. Like Walt Disney, I “believe in it all the way.” 

What is your plan b for you? What’s next for you?

¿Qué Sigue?

En este blog, he compartido que fui al Taller de Escritura de Hay House el octubre del ano pasado en Nueva York. Hubo un concurso para los asistentes y el ganador se llevaba un contrato de edición de Hay House y un adelanto de $ 10,000.

El ganador del Taller de Escritura de Hay Houyse fue anunciado el lunes pasado. La ganadora es Andrea Libutti, D.M. Su libro se titula Awakened by Autism. ¡Felicidades!

Aunque no gané, aprendí mucho de esta experiencia.

1. Estoy agradecida por la oportunidad de haber participado en este concurso.

2.  Conocí a muchas personas maravillosas.

3. Tuve la oportunidad de viajar un poco al ir a Nueva York.

4. Aprendí de la publicación con una empresa editorial, del auto-publicación, de la escritura y de la plataforma virtual.

Después de esto¿qué sigue?

Source: www.lifeaftercollege.org
Source: http://www.lifeaftercollege.org

*Si el Plan A no funcionó. ¡El abecedario tiene 25 letras mas! Mantente calmado.

Plan A no se materializó. Mi Plan B es de terminar el libro a finales de este ano y auto-publicarlo.

“Cuando crees en algo, cree en ello hasta el final, de manera implícita e indiscutible.” ~ Walt Disney

Siempre veo mis proyectos como un hecho antes de empezarlos. Así como Walt Disney,  “cree en ello hasta el final.”

¿Cuál es tu Plan B? ¿Qué sigue para ti?

Looking Within: A Memoir- Overview Mirando Hacia Dentro: Una Memoria – Visión General

Looking Within: A Memoir – Overview

Credit: Oprah.com

Credit: Oprah.com

Hi everyone! This is a post from April, but I added the Spanish translation here. 

¡Hola a todos! Esta entrada es de abril, pero la traducí al español. Estoy escribiendo mi primer libro, una memoria, y esta entrada es de las cuatro partes de mi libro.

I am towards the end of finishing up my book proposal and it has been quite the experience! Writing the overview has helped me focus more and get a better feel for what I am trying to convey here. Being that it is a memoir, an outline would not be necessary , but the overview (that I am about to share), I think, served the purpose of the outline  and made my writing easier to work with.

Here is the overview of my memoir: Looking Within: A Memoir.


The manuscript will be divided into 4 parts.

1. Part I: The Meeting And Marriage. Many women are in enamored with the idea of getting married and living happily ever after. I was one of them. Shortly after meeting my ex-husband, we were married. While I was married, I was second in my life as he was the center of my universe. Needless to say, the honeymoon didn’t last as reality set in and love and nurturance became absent in our marriage. Problems ensued and a separation seemed imminent.

A chapter will be devoted to this first part.

2. Part II. Emotional Healing. Shortly after the problems began, I withdrew emotionally and sought individual counseling. Slowly, I began to heal emotionally and I eventually I separated from him. All alone, I began to nurture my spirit as best I could. Soul searching and a return to my passions of learning, traveling, running, and writing became part of my recovery. This emotional healing part encompasses four sections that include emotional detachment, the separation, self-nurturance, and more changes that were in store for me.

A chapter will be devoted to each of the sections in part two.

3.  Part III. Spiritual Healing. Spiritual healing eventually replaced my emotional healing. Changes in my beliefs and a series of unexplained events began happening to me such as moments of peace and an increase in intuitive abilities. As I began to awaken spiritually, I began to understand that my problems were mere illusions. In time, I began to practice spiritual principles of compassion, kindness, patience, and gratitude, among others , and I simply became happier.

A chapter will be devoted to each of the sections listed in part three.

4. Part IV. My Purpose in Life. I started to live in the present moment and the consistent peace that I longed for, as well as happy life, awaited me. After endless questioning, I found both my inner and outer purpose. I began to co-create my life as I intended it to be and found joy and miracles in my everyday life.

A chapter will be devoted to this section in this part.

I’d love to hear what you think!

Mirando Hacia Dentro: Una Memoria – Visión General 

Hace un mes  terminé mi propuesta de mi libro y ha sido toda una experiencia. Escribir el resumen me ha ayudado a concentrarme más y obtener una mejor idea de lo que estoy tratando de transmitir. Siendo que es una memoria, un esquema no fue necesario, pero la información general (que estoy a punto de compartir), creo que funcionó como el propósito del esquema y se me hizo más fácil trabajar con mi escritura.

Aquí está el resumen de mi libro de memorias: Mirando Hacia Dentro: Una Memoria.

El libro se divide en 4 partes.

1. Parte I: La Reunión y el Matrimonio. Muchas mujeres están enamoradas de la idea de casarse y vivir felices para siempre. Yo fui una de ellas. Poco después de conocer a mi ex esposo, nos casamos. Mientras estuve casada, el fue el centro de mi universo y yo tomé segundo lugar en mi vida. Nuestra luna de miel no duró. Poco a poco, fuimos perdiendo el amor en nuestro matrimonio. Después de esto, viniero los problemas y una separación parecía inminente.

Un capítulo se dedicará a esta primera parte.

2. Parte II. Sanación Emocional. Poco después empezaron los problemas, me retiré emocionalmente y busqué ayuda psicológica para mi. Poco a poco, empecé a sanar emocionalmente y finalmente me separé de él. Completamente sola, empecé a cultivar mi espíritu lo mejor que pude. Hice examen profundo y verdadero de mi  del alma y regrese de nuevo a mis pasiones de aprendizaje, viajar, correr, y la escritura se convirtió en parte de mi recuperación. Esta parte de curación emocional abarca cuatro secciones que incluyen alejamiento emocional, la separación, la auto-crianza, y más cambios que estaban en la tienda para mí.

Un capítulo se dedicará a cada una de las secciones en la segunda parte.

3. Parte III. Sanación Espiritual. La sanación espiritual finalmente reemplazó mi curación emocional. Los cambios en mis creencias y una serie de acontecimientos inexplicables comenzaron a suceder, como momentos de paz y un aumento de la capacidad intuitiva. Cuando comencé a despertar espiritualmente, empecé a entender que mis problemas eran  ilusiones. Con el tiempo, empecé a practicar los principios espirituales de compasión, de bondad, paciencia y gratitud, entre otros, y simplemente fui más feliz.

Un capítulo se dedicará a cada uno de estas secciones de la tercera parte.

4. Parte IV. Mi Propósito en la Vida. Empecé a vivir en el momento  y la tranquilidad constante que yo anhelaba, así como una vida de felicidad, me esperaba. Después de cuestionar todo, encontré mi propósito interno y externo. Empecé a co-crear la vida que yo quería  y encontré alegría y milagros en mi vida cotidiana.

Un capítulo se dedicará a las secciones de esta última parte.

!Me encantaría saber lo que piensas!

Let Go of Your EGO and Be Happy

LetGo credit:flickr.com

…of your EGO and be happy!

I’m happy to announce that I am officially done with my book proposal! The chapter that I submitted with this book proposal is titled My Happy Heart. In it, I discuss my path to finding true inner happiness. One way I did this was to eliminate my EGO, or Edging Out God as Dr. Dyer says. Below is an excerpt from this chapter that deals with this.

The seven key points that Dr. Dyer outlines in this chapter for Overcoming Ego’s Hold on You are listed here with some of my experiences when I lived through my ego.

1. Stop being offended. I used to be one that immediately believed every word others said about me and to me. I would become offended at the drop of a hat. What I remember most was that I would easily become agitated and annoyed at others who directed their beliefs towards me, and also those who simply did not take in my argument as the truth. Now, I simply do not listen to negative comments about me. That really is none of my business.
2. Let go of the need to win. Early on when I filed for divorce, I knew going in that one of the possibilities was that he could have wiped me financially clean. Under California law, he had every right to take more from me because I was the breadwinner. Spousal support and my retirement savings were at stake. I wanted to “win” my divorce. In terms of the outcome, I wished that everything would go in my favor so that he would not come out on top. In the end, I won. The financial aspect of this divorce did not leave me in an economic shamble as I heard and worried so much about from others who have even had to declare bankruptcy. In fact, my true winning came with all this actually concluding. I finally had closure with this and this was my true victory.
3. Let go of the need to be right. I used to have to be right in many arguments. One that stands out was a discussion I had with a friend on saving money for a child’s education. I was adamant to have her see that saving money for your child’s education was essential; she felt otherwise. The fact that she did not see it as I did made me furious. It made for a very quiet evening afterwards. She had every right to have her opinion. We all do. The difference for me now is that I respect what others think and none of us are right. I also do not impose my beliefs on anyone. This is not a necessity when one’s actions, or presence, and even silence, can speak for themselves.
4. Let go of the need to be superior. “I am so much better than others,” is something that I’d tell myself only a few years back. My education alone made me feel so much more than so many people. I had very little humility, if any. Now, I identify with all beings as coming from the Divine Source and this makes us one and equal regardless of our education and backgrounds. I’d often tell my adult ESL students, “El hecho de que yo esté enfrente de ustedes no significa que soy más que ustedes. Aquí todos somos iguales.” To which it can be translated as, “Just because I am standing in front of all of you does not make me a greater person that any of you. We are equal here.” I listen to everyone as I have learned from so many and I continue to learn. In my opinion, everyone walking on this planet is our teacher.
5. Let go of the need to have more. When I was in Spain, my friends and me decided to take a trip to Paris. During our stay there, we went to the Eiffel Tower and like true tourists, we all wanted to buy souvenirs right there by the tower, which, not surprisingly, were extremely overpriced. A rather simple, black, canvas purse with the word Paris written all over in silvery, glittery letter along with the picture of the Eiffel Tower in white caught my attention. My friend asked me, “You really aren’t thinking about buying that purse, are you?” And I responded, “I’m considering it.” To which she then said, “You can buy that purse at just about any store over in the States for less than half the price.” “Really?” I said in a sarchastic tone. I became very irritated that she had said this. I bought it that day and it was only to prove to her that I had the money to buy whatever I wanted I had the money and she didn’t. Never once did I use it in four years because I never did like it and it just didn’t grow on me. I winded up donating it to Goodwill. I know it found its place. What a difference from how I see this now. That black purse was only the first of many donations that I would make to simplify my life. Now, I really only have basic necessities (and my laptop of course) and I am more than happy with this.
6. Let go of identifying on the basis of your achievements. “I’m so much smarter than so many other people.” What horrendous and self-righteous remark! My concept of intelligence was equated to the number of degrees that one had. Imagine that! Back then, I really did tell myself, “I have two Master’s degrees. Need I say more?” A person’s success and worth for me was measured by how many degrees he or she had and also by the material possessions one had (house, car, etc.). What a heartbreaking concept and point of view I had then. Now, all the identity that I’ll ever need and my true success is that I am happy, at peace, and filled with love and joy. This is our divine and natural state. Everything else is secondary to me.
7. Let go of your reputation I learned that our egos love to listen to what others think and say about us. In the midst of my divorce, I didn’t want anyone to know about it because I was so afraid of being judged by others. “What are others going to say about me?” Slowly, I started to think that my happiness was my sole responsibility and no one else’s. For this reason alone, I started to not worry about what others thought or said about me. Also, Dr. Dyer once said in the Ellen De Generes show, “What others say or think about me is really none of my business.” Of course, I adopted this saying. This can be a sure way to let go of living with your reputation.

Could this be what you need to find your true inner happiness?

Thank you to all those who have been reading my posts, commenting, and liking my posts!

Much happiness to all of you!